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Jessica Kennedy

Level 2 Cheerleading Coach

Jess started Trampolining at 4 years of age with her mum, joining Flitecrew. She competed in many competitions along the way, becoming Sussex & Regional Champion and won many teams events alongside her sister Jordan. As she grew up, whilst enjoying trampolining, Dance became her passion. Jess has been dancing for just under 10 years and teaching dance for just over 3 years. She has performed in a variety of shows in some of London’s most prestigious theatres and also Spain, Disneyland Paris and on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Jess helps with coaching and judging from time and time and headed up the whole Range and Conditioning programme, She is the lead coach for the FC Starlights Cheer Squad (Youth) and also a member of FC Infinity Cheer Squad. More recently, Jess helps to lead our Birthday Parties for both Cheer and Trampolining.

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