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Laurel Kennedy

Level 5 High Performance Coach
Level 3 Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) Coach
Level 1 Gymnastics Coach
Level 4 Cheerleading Coach
National Trampoline Judge

Laurel started off in Artistic gymnastics and moved into trampolining at the age of 12 years… by 14 she was in the National Squad. Achievements include 3rd Great Britain Nationals 1979 and 2nd Great Britain Nationals 1980. She gave up in this year and left trampolining for around 6 yrs, when she returned for exercise, she still competed along with her sister and brother … even entering and winning a Quad competition… At this time her heart lay in coaching and for the last 25 yrs she has dipped in and out of coaching, along with living in America and having two children, Jordan and Jessica. In late 2003, she returned to Flitecrew, the club she had helped start and name. She is keen to develop trampolining within the Sussex County, and to create a Club the children/parents and coaches are very proud of, and love to belong to. Laurel has recently brought Cheerleading into the Flitecrew armoury, haven taken course with her daughter Jordan, they both are qualified up to international level and are excited to see cheerleading take off!

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